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Hello. [13 Nov 2004|06:14am]
I am neglecting my poor little live journal. Well I'm back. I have a boyfriend that I really like. I don't love him yet. I wanna know that if in 2 months we will have progressed in our relationship. Anywhoo. Maybe if i get enough friends I will be able to feel special and make my journal friends only.
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what a weekend.... [08 Nov 2004|05:59am]
I am fasting today.

Made out with my boyfriend yesterday.

Birthday party on Saturday made me depressed.

Later Days...
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[16 Oct 2004|06:52am]
Why is it so hard for me?

My crush broke my heart.

I made extra money yesterday. Haven't told my mom about Costa Rica yet.
Costa Rica would be full of boys and surfing.

Well there is work again.

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[10 Oct 2004|06:23pm]
I went to Fells Point today! It's was so much fun. I got 3 handpainted bangles at there summer/fall flea market at the park.

I saw alot of indie kids there. They get to be themselves and be with friends like them. I gotta try hard to find friends.

On the way back a guy died by getting hit buy a car. He was on a motorcylce, it was really sad.

Next time I go I wanna take pictures with my dad or friends. But i have to get my friends in my dad's car first.

I'm on this diet challenge. I wanna see how strong I am. Wish me luck. I have a myspace account that I will put up on my website page, please add me.

Hopefully I don't have a test tommorow for American Government, it would suck. I have 3 packets to do tonight. I'll listen to my new rapture cd I just got to make me smile.

Tommorow Is: School, Day2 of diet, play rehearsal, and homework/study then computer time. Maybe I will get sleep somewhere in there.
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[07 Oct 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

My world is a little fucked up
my life is a little fucked up

I don't know how to talk to people much anymore
Or they just don't know how to talk to me

I don't know how to be sexy anymore
I'm just a dork

I'll never get my dream guy with dreads
I'll continue to be ignored and fat

Teen angst goes on....i guess

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[06 Oct 2004|11:54pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Life is really sucky.

I'm not thin enough. I wanna go shopping.

I want a cute boyfriend.

I'm bitching too much.

The slut gets the knight in shining armour.

Being fat sucks. I'm gonna starve myself for 3 days and see if anyone notices or cares.

Do I have friends?

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[03 Oct 2004|07:45am]
maybe i'll dye my hair.
maybe i'll move somewhere.
maybe i'll clear my junk
maybe i'll just get drunk on apple-wine.
me, i'll be just fine.

maybe i'll learn to sew.
maybe i'll just lie low.
maybe i'll hit the bars
maybe i'll count the stars untill the dawn.
me, i will go on.....

maybe i'll sleep real late.
maybe i'll lose some weight.
maybe i'll get a car
maybe i'll drive so far they'll all lose track.....

me, i'll bounce right back.....
-Hard Candy Christmas

X-posted from lepetitthimble
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Homecoming. [03 Oct 2004|07:34am]
[ mood | complacent ]

Yesterday was a full day and I actually got two hours of rest. Yay for me. The parade was lovely even though I was in heels and we won most spirited. I discovered I complain to much so I'm going to start speaking less.

Homecoming was ok. Me and Jordan hated the fact people were dry humping to the point of orgasm. This one couple actually got kicked out, and their posse of course followed. But I saw one of my friends I hadn't talked to in over a year. I will invite him to the halloween party. My friend Jordan moved in on him so, I said take him. Cause I blew it with him like twice now. I don't know if she took me seriously so I will try again. Three times the charm, I guess. I still have the depressed boyfriend that i love so much. Maybe that's why I held back. But it doesn't really matter.

When I got home at 1am I was wide awake, end of story.

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First Post! [01 Oct 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey, today was tiring,we had a pep rally and everyone was so pumped up. I barely had enough energy to stand up but I did it. Homecoming is tommorow, woohoo! And I have to do the parade in the morning then go to sleep for a little. Then have my mom do my hair and then dinner and then homecoming. I have this real rufflely dress. I wish Christian was here for it, but i think would ruin it for me. Ciao.

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